Rebranding your own company wasn’t an easy task. It was an exciting opportunity, and we forged ahead with passion and determination. We worked months on establishing the direction of the new brand, identity, and site. Our task was to identify key descriptors that reflect the core beliefs of ST8MNT and embody them visually into a succinct yet robust brand.

The brand is meant to evoke feelings of authority, confidence, and forward-thinking while being a bit off-kilter and edgy. The site demanded an interface and experience that reflect the descriptors to potential clients while communicating a clear message. One key aspect of the site was to freely experiment and push the brand into new and unexpected areas.

The site was built on a modular framework that allows for the content to be rearranged at will. Multiple templates were created to give the site and the varying content types a unique and tailored experience. The brand’s tone is reflected in the playful text and experimental techniques on the site.

Creative Directors:
Joshua Sage Newman, Bethany Newman, and Josh Cole
work done @ & 4 ST8MNT


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