Showstopper is a 30-plus-year-old national dance competition founded by Debbie Roberts. The competition is known for its long history of producing contestants that go on to do big, big things. Beyoncé Knowles, Britney Spears, and Keri Russell to name a few. Showstopper also offers dance conventions that instruct and spread the good news of dancing across the nation.

The site experience of conveys all the pageantry and grandeur of the national competition. We developed the sitemap, wireframes, content creation, and branded both the competition and convention. It was vital to visually differentiate the convention from the competition without creating a completely foreign experience from the main site.

The site serves as a marketing piece for both the competition and the convention, includes a dynamic timeline, community section, events list, results system, faculty bio and rules/regulation resource section. Glitter goes a long way.

Creative Director:
Bethany Newman
work done @ & 4 ST8MNT

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