A silly and dark selfie of Aaron Rayburn

¡Hola ‘migo!

I’m Aaron, born and raised in a small town in West Tennessee. I attended art school at MTSU and am currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee.

I have two amazing little girls, a dog named Raekwon and I married my best friend.

Musically, my Spotify is somewhere between Digable Planets, Neil Young, Justice and Minor Threat.


I’m an interdisciplinary art director and designer powered by years of experience in branding and advertising. I understand the symbiotic relationship between art and business, where creativity and invention meet productivity and marketability.

I understand how to launch your brand onto a digital and limitless universal marketplace while valuing user experience and functionality across media. I don’t believe in one-dimensional design. Nothing gets me more excited than the spark of an idea.

I believe the core of great design is a great concept.


Say What’s Up?




Branding excellence, without the vowels.

Back slashes are cool. A LA/NYC based agency that develops strategies, advertising and creative content for some of the world’s most iconic brands. My time there was spent on the Infiniti account at the Nashville branch office.

Results Resultz.


This is where I vent about sports and make sure that Kanye is still alive.

Yup, full of selfies.

It’s like Facebook got drunk with your resumé and had a baby.

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