National Geographic Channel promoted its third annual Expedition Week to ad buyers in the form of a cookbook. Each spread in the 40-page book depicted a specific show and came with a corresponding recipe.

Imagine how tasty the ‘Finger Foods Appetizer’ would be while watching an episode of Eating With Cannibals.


All recipes were invented and hand-picked by SharkMen’s Chef David Olson. This project had a intense turnaround and a deadline of 2 weeks. It took the full ST8MNT team to knockout this elephant of a project.

I handled the initial conceptualization, cover design rounds and internal page layouts.

Christos DeVaris and Josh Newman creative directed the project. Austin Hale (SharkMen disc and spreads) and Josh Shearon (TOC and back layout) chipped in their design talents.

Creative Directors:
Joshua Sage Newman and Christos Devaris
work done @ & 4 ST8MNT

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